Choosing a good leash isn't easy. How not to be mistaken with the choice? How to buy a really good leash? The answers to these questions and a lot of other useful information are in our article.
There are many different leashes on the market today, and the wide variety can easily confuse you. Let's deal with this issue.

How to choose a leash material?
  1. Waterproof leash: high quality, durable and stylish leashes, with a carabiner made of high strength aluminium alloy. A real find for those who like to spend their leisure time actively. These collars are resistant to dirt and water. A menthol-coloured collar will delight you with the fact that it glows in the dark.
  2. Leather leash: made of high quality and genuine leather, they are decorated with colourful wear-resistant designs. Bright and eye-catching patterns make these pieces a must-see. But when acquiring such a leash, remember that you cannot swim and stay in the sun. For such cases, you can buy a waterproof leash.
  3. Nylon leash: made of high-quality wear-resistant material using durable metal fittings. This leash is lightweight, and also has an affordable price that will delight you.
  4. Cotton leash: new on the market. The tape is soft to the touch and has increased durability. It is hypoallergenic, which means it is absolutely safe for the animal.

Each of the presented leashes is presented in different sizes and thanks to this, you can easily find the right size.
We have considered the most basic points, it only remains for you to decide what to buy a roulette leash for a dog. Let the purchase be successful and the walks comfortable.

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