If it seems to you that a muzzle is an optional accessory, then let's consider in what situations it is necessary to have it.
A muzzle is necessary for:
  1. transportation in transport
  2. when you went to the vet
  3. if your dog is aggressive, so as not to cause discomfort to others when walking
  4. so that the pet does not eat anything on the street, because it can be poison.
Therefore, sooner or later you will have to buy a muzzle. Every experienced dog owner has this accessory in the ammunition arsenal. But how to choose the very muzzle from which your pet will be delighted?
Here are some tips on how to choose a muzzle:
  1. Select the correct size by measuring the coverage of the dog's muzzle. The muzzle should not be hot, the material should be breathable. We do not recommend buying a muzzle for growth.
  2. When worn, the dog's mouth should open and it can stick out its tongue
  3. We do not recommend plastic, iron, tarpaulin, solid muzzles.
  4. But we advise you to buy a nylon muzzle (breathable elastic fabric will be comfortable and pleasant for the dog) or a lattice muzzle (made of scraps of leather).
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