Before a puppy appears in the house, you should take care of its comfort and acquire fittings. A few useful tips from this article will help you not only save money but also use the purchased items with maximum comfort.


You will need three dog leashes. The first one is for daily walks, 1.5-2 meters of leather. Such a leash is easy and convenient to hold in your hand in any frost. It is undesirable to use tape leashes if the adult weight of the dog is more than 5 kilograms. The roulette, as a rule, is very easy to bend, and also the limiter flies out quite often, and it is practically impossible to control the dog on it. This is permissible only if we are walking with a lapdog as much as possible. Chain leashes are inconvenient because they cut the hand, and in the cold, they also adhere very well to the skin. The second nylon leash, 3-5 meters, will be required when training a dog, when it is necessary to create an imitation of freedom or, controlling the dog with a leash, move away to an insignificant distance of several steps. And also for active rest, you will need a waterproof leash. If your pet loves to swim, it will be an irreplaceable thing in your arsenal.


For everyday life, a leather or nylon collar is best. There are many designs and colours of these collars. If you have a dog with long hair, then, to avoid rolling the hair under the collar, a round variety is used, which outwardly resembles a thin hose. The strict collar is used only when the dog is a year old and only for large dogs. The size of the collar is chosen so that under it you can easily slip two fingers placed on the edge.


In summer, it is best to use half-open mesh to make breathing easier for the dog. In winter, it is easier to use a closed deaf muzzle, since, in addition to the safety of those around the dog in the frost, it does not yet swallow cold air. There are also nylon muzzles, they are also very well suited for your beloved pet. Although with some young dogs it is necessary to use a deaf leather muzzle in the summer, to prevent their desire to pick up anything from the ground.

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