Kits for dogs

  Every dog, even a very tiny one, has at least one set in his wardrobe - a collar or a harness with a leash. You can purchase such accessories separately, forming a stylish and practical set yourself. Alternatively, you can purchase ready-made kits for dogs in the desired style, which is much more convenient, safer and often cheaper. This means that you can please your pet with not one, but three sets of stylish ammunition for various likely occasions and even for dog outfits.

Why are kits for dogs (collar, harness and leash) convenient and interesting? From an aesthetic point of view, any ready-made sets, be it clothes or accessories for dogs, are made in a single style or combined with the same element, repeated on each separate item. This can be embroidery, colours, material, inscriptions, engraving, texture, etc.

If you buy a collar with a leash for a dog separately, it is difficult to achieve such aesthetic harmony and completeness that the kit gives, even when the ammunition is very interesting, bright or laconic in colour and material. For example, plain leather in a traditional black tone with light metal decor. Such simple dog collars are possible and interesting with the brightness and saturation of the main outfit, for example, a piercing pink dress with silver embroidery or decor made of transparent rhinestones.

Another advantage of ready-made kits is reliability, practicality and safety. With a separate purchase, you can make a mistake with the fastening, not guess the thickness of the loop or the quality of the leash and collar material, and make other miscalculations. In a ready-made kit, as a rule, the mount is selected optimally, taking into account the length of the leash, the thickness and purpose of the collar and other parameters. Additional loops and fasteners may be provided for the muzzle and other accessories and clothing.

Thus, the material does not fray, withstands the weight and activity of the dog if necessary, the mount does not press on the dog's neck and does not rub. Moreover, a walking leash and a training belt are different things, they have different requirements, as well as collars and other ammunition. When purchasing a set, you can be sure that both the collar and the leash are made following the upcoming loads and features according to the purpose of the set, and not so that one of them is for training, and the second is decorative, for quiet walks, although both are leather.

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